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I don't know if I'll be posting entries here. I already have a twitter, facebook and myspace... and I mainly joined livejournal to find a haven for my Girls Aloud obsession. My friends are thisclose to disowning me, lmao they can only take so much GA. I know, I know... they're clearly insane!

I suppose I'll post a few little tidbits while I'm at it...
My name is Christina (hi.)
I live in Texas currently, but I'm dying to move back to California so I can act. (By the by, I do NOT sound like a hick. I just want to clear that up, lol... not everyone who lives in Texas has a twang. People tell me I actually sound like I'm from Cali.)
I love words. For serious. I have the dictionary app on my phone and I use it constantly. So it's totally normal for me to bust out a random word like "crestfallen."
I <3 England and the accents. Quite the aphrodisiac for me, honestly.
Hmmm, what else... my friends tell me I'm random, passionate, goofy, sweet. VERY COOL. =P
I use the ellipsis (...) entirely too much...
I'm a Leo. Roar.
I <3 <3 <3 movies. I now consider myself a collector, a mini-film buff in training. =)
*Cheryl is my favorite Aloud, followed by Nuhdeen, then Kimba.
*I only discovered GA back in April (gasp) so I'm just gonna say I'm making up for lost time now. =D
*Untouchable, Love is the Key, Sexy! No No No, Something Kinda Ooooh and Watch Me Go are my favorite GA tunes.

That's sufficient for now, methinks. So feel free to add me, chat me up... I enjoy the GA camaraderie! =D

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